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" Physics Galaxy - The Learning Universe is world Largest encyclopedia of free online Physics Lectures with more than 220 Hrs of Physics Learning."

Welcome to PHYSICSGALAXY.COM, which aims to provide useful academic contents, developed in-house, of select subjects to all those who are desirous of enhancing academic prowess in these subjects via technological mediums from any place.

At this point of time, physicsgalaxy.com is dedicated to offer most refined academic content in the subject of physics up to high school level, which is powered to develop required expertise to crack competitive examinations like IIT-JEE, BITSAT, AIPMT, AIIMS, International Physics Olympiad, KVPY & NTSE.

However there is also a plan to offer more subjects in future including Mental Ability, Mathematics, and Chemistry.

Ashish Arora, the brain behind this interactive unique website, has all his lectures available on web for free of cost for online viewing. He has created a youtube channel in the name of Physics Galaxy. Today more than 10000 video lectures are being watched per day on this website and on its youtube channel which is highest among any other e-learning website in India on Physics. Till now more than 6.3 Million videos are watched on it. On each video subtitles are also available in 67 languages using google translator including English, Hindi, Chinese, French, Marathi, Bangla, Urdu and other regional and international languages.

Besides uploading transcripts of all his videos, he has created a software based synchronized European voice accent of all videos to benefit students in USA, Europe and other countries.

Unique Features -

Website statistics

  • 10000+ video lectures are being viewed per day on PG site and PG youtube channel.
  • Students from 220 countries are visiting the site. Highest traffic is from India, United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Philippines
  • Daily 600+ unique visitors on the site
  • Till now 3.6 Million (36 lakh) video lectures are watched in past 2 years. Highest by any site all across the world in Physics Subject only for school students.

Video Lectures

  • 5000+ Video Lectures on Physics divided in four categories -
    • Jr. School Physics (Age group 11-13 yrs)
    • Middle School Physics (Age group 14-16yrs)
    • High School Physics (Age group 17-21 yrs) [upto pre university level abroad]
    • Advance Illustrations (For high level competitions IIT-JEE/AIPMT/International Physics Olympiads)
  • Such Video lectures are being sold in market at Rs3000 to Rs 7000 but on physicsgalaxy.com these are available for free for students for online viewing. This site provides high quality academics at no cost for those who cannot afford premium priced coaching.

Interactive Forum

  • Assignments comprising more than 6000 MCQs available for online practice
  • Brainstormers Assignments are available for download for advance level preparation with detailed solutions
  • On various sections of Physics, several articles for beginners to advance level are available for reading on theory and applications.
  • Students can ask their queries on various topics of physics and various subject experts can reply on this.

The website http://www.physicsgalaxy.com is the official website of the company PHYSICSGALAXY.COM PRIVATE LIMITED and the company is managing overall activities of the website and all services and products offered at the website.