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Registration Benefits
In Most of the Livestream Classes Class Notes are available which can be downloaded from the Program schedule page only if you are registered for Livestream Classes.

For JEE Advance preparation there are two types of PG Live-stream Classes broadcasted on PG – Booster Classes and Fundamental Classes.

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What are Live-stream Booster Classes ?

For the tough competition of IIT-JEE / JEE(Advance) to achieve very high ranks in the range from Top 10 AIRs to Top 500 AIRs fundamental preparation for a subject is not sufficient and the preparation needs to be boosted by advance illustrations and critical logics to solve complex problems.

What are Live-stream Fundamental Classes ?

These are classes for JEE Advance preparation on a topic for the first time understanding of the topic by anyone. These are the classes which are taught by PG experts for easy understanding of a topic.


PG Livestream classes broadcast on two channels - PG Educate App and PG Youtube Livestream Channel as per program schedule of PG Livestream Classes. Before attending a class, students must verify on which Channel the class is going to broadcast.


  • You are supposed to Open ‘PG Educate’ App on your PC/Android/iOS device 10 min prior to the scheduled telecast time of the Live-stream Class.
  • You are expected to make proper arrangements of power backup if you are using Desktop/Laptop. If in between the class your power fails then after login you will be allowed to enter in the class but you may miss the duration of the class when your power fails or system is not working properly.
  • We suggest you to use good quality headphones or speakers for clear voice quality as good sound quality help in better understanding of concepts.
  • Ensure a decent internet connection bandwidth. You can test your bandwidth by visiting and click on video lecture tab and play any video lecture. If the video lectures run successfully there, your bandwidth is sufficient to attend the booster class.


Pre-Preparation for Fundamental Classes
No Pre-Preparation is needed for Fundamental/Grooming Classes of any Topic on PG Live-stream.

Pre-Preparation for Live-stream Booster Classes

  • Before attending a Live-stream or Re-stream Booster Class on a topic, we suggest you to first go through all the basic fundamentals of the topic (Refer Pre-Course Requirement in Booster Class Schedule). Even if you have a minimum 60% understanding of the topic, these Booster Classes will enhance your fundamentals to a good level of IIT-JEE/JEE(Adv.) preparation.
  • To cover basic fundamentals of any topic you can use NCERT Text books and any reference books you have because in any book Physics is Physics it is just the language which is different. For fundamental and good level understanding you can view Physics Galaxy Video Lectures which are free for all along with Online MCQ QuSets embedded in sequence of lectures.
  • If you wish to enhance your speed of problem solving and judge your performance at the level of JEE(Adv.)/IIT-JEE you can attempt QUEGRID Rank Booster which are available in all topics of Physics, Chemistry and Maths at Whenever you attempt quegrid rank boosters, you get your interpolated ranks in 10000 students. With practice your target is to maintain Rank within top 3000 ranks. That ensures a very good rank in IIT-JEE/JEE(Adv.).

Preparation for Booster Classes

  • You need to keep your Notes copy ready for making key points notes during the class but we do not suggest you to make detailed notes of the class as after the class whatever notes sir will be writing will be made available to you for downloading on the respective link on the Live-stream schedule page after 30min of the class gets over for 3Hrs.
  • In your notes copy we suggest you to make short notes of all the important illustrations sir will be taking. As the class will go on with lot of illustrations one by one so to get maximum benefit we suggest you to make key short notes for all illustrations and concerned concepts used in solutions.
  • After the class download the Class Notes, print these and file up for future reference.

Warm up Video of Booster Classes

Ashish Arora Sir – An Introduction


Understanding applications of Physics at middle and high school level is a challenging task. To help students in School studies and Engineering Competitions the popular series of PHYSICS GALAXY Books and its video version has now become World’s Largest Self Learning Resource System on Physics.

PHYSICS GALAXY is the result of sincere efforts of the veteran teacher, Ashish Arora. He has been guiding students for various competitions in India since 1992. As Physics mentor for International Physics Olympiads, he has an outstanding track record. His student, Navneet Loiwal, was the first Indian to win a GOLD Medal in the International Physics Olympiad in 2000 held in the UK. Since then several of his students have won the coveted prize besides securing top 10 ranks in the prestigious IIT JEE and in his academic career till now he has mentored more than 4000 successful IITians. To see some of the highly successful students mentored by him Click Here.

On Demand PG Online Classes for Basic Content

Vote for your Topic

If you wish to attend Fundamental Classes of any topic of your interest or where you feel weakness, then after login to your PG account click on the topic listed below to vote for the topic. Topic having maximum votes by students will be chosen for Fundamental Classes in next schedule by Ashish Arora Sir. The topics listed below are sent to us by students, if you wish to send your preferred topics, please mail us at, if we find it suitable, we will include it in list below.

Now onward classes will be scheduled as per the below voting status -

Live Class Topics on
Basic Theory & Applications

1 : Circular Motion
2 : Work Energy Power
3 : Fluid Statics and Dynamics
4 : Magnetic Effects
5 : Ray Optics
6 : Radioactivity
7 : Relative Motion
8 : Center of Mass
9 : Oblique Collisions
10 : Angular Momentum
11 : Rolling Motion
12 : Interference of Waves
13 : Stationary Waves
14 : Beats
15 : Dopplers Effect
16 : Surface Tension
17 : Viscosity
18 : Thermodyanmic Laws
19 : Heat Transfer
20 : Electrical Circuits
21 : Magnetic Forces
22 : Electromagnetic Induction
23 : Alternating Current
24 : Interference of Light
25 : Photoelectric Effect
26 : X-Rays
27 : Nuclear Physics
28 : Solid Angle & Applications
Voting Status
Work Energy Power
Fluid Statics and Dynamics
Circular Motion
Ray Optics
Magnetic Effects